We help return your rental security deposit to YOUR pocket!!!

Welcome! We are excited you have chosen Turnkey Cleaning Columbus for your cleaning needs!

Our committment to your satisfaction and our PERSONAL relationship with YOU is the cornerstone of our success. We know you have high expectations  when it comes to how your home appears. After all, your home is a reflection of YOU. We also recognize in this busy day and age it can be nearly impossible to keep your personal space in the condition you REALLY desire.                                               

Our intention is to provide you services to help reduce your stress, workload and to-do list while letting your hard earned money remain in your pocket. We provide up-to-date, perfectionist quality services at a reasonable rate (beating most competitor prices by far) all paired with  unmatched customer service.

Please explore our website, contact us and schedule a FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE today!!!!

Services include but not limited to: Whole house cleaning, commercial cleaining, move-in and move-out services, errand assistance, flower bed maintenance, organization and hoarding assistance, lawn mowing services, house sitting and pet sitting, detailed intense cleaning, wall repair, painting and much much more!!


                       Turnkey Home Cleaning  

While shuffling through the many tasks of moving, along with day to day activities, we understand cleaning your empty rental and restoring it to its original condition, after moving out may just be the last thing you want to do. Let us do it for you! We will provide you with a COMPLETE package of services to help you reduce stress and in the end should result in the return of your precious security deposit.

Packages can include.... detailed checklist of your personalized package and services completed, general and/or intense cleaning services, carpet cleaning, wall damage repair, painting, before and after photos to submit in the case of security deposit disputes and much more!!

Please see our FEATURED TURNKEY SERVICES page to gather more information and schedule an appointment today!